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The World Capitalizes on Cannabis Coffee While People of Color Continue to be Incarcerated

The recreational use of cannabis has now been legalized in seventeen states. It is no secret that the plant is gaining popularity; over the past decade, global cannabis use has risen by sixty percent (60%).

There are several ways that cannabis is now being utilized in everyday products, and people have begun to earn money by developing a business from it. 

Drinks infused with marijuana have been regulated where the drug has been legalized. There are now multiple coffee shops that sell cannabis-infused coffee. More individuals are discovering the many benefits of CBD and agree that it is the perfect substance to reduce the mind-altering effects of caffeine.

However, while people are earning money from this growing industry, there are people of color being arrested for possessing small amounts of marijuana and face dire consequences because of this.  Blacks are 3.73 times more likely to be arrested than whites. Police routinely arrest millions of people just for having marijuana.

The legal cannabis business is booming while those arrested for its possession are left behind. The road to legalization of the plant and companies profiting from this should lead to an effective criminal justice policy that doesn't see black people suffering.