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5 Best Ways to Recycle Used Coffee

As reported in recent statistics, around 60 kilogram bags of coffee were consumed worldwide in 2020/2021.

If you are a coffee lover too, then you must consider recycling used grounds from your brewed coffee, it is better than throwing it away after all!

In this article, we gathered the 5 best tips on what to do with used coffee, so you can enjoy it even after finishing your daily drink.

1- Fertilizing your Garden

Every garden needs to be fertilized, since soil alone cannot provide enough nutrients for the plants to grow. Turns out coffee grounds contain several elements such as Nitrogen, Calcium, and Potassium that can assist in fertilizing your plants. To do this, you simply spray your coffee grounds around your plants, or you can mix them with brown leaves before spreading them.

2- Absorbing Odors

Looking for an easy way to get rid of odors in your refrigerator or freezer? Look no further, Coffee contains Nitrogen which is very effective in absorbing bad smells. You simply fill a container with your coffee grounds, put it in your fridge, and the magic is done!

3- A Natural Body Scrub

Coffee grounds are considered one of the greatest natural body scrubs, owing to the antioxidants that it contain. You can mix them with some warm water, and use them on your skin, scalp, or hair. Coffee grounds can also help with acne problems, sun protection, or even hair coloring!

4- Get Rid of Insects

Caffeine is a deadly weapon against certain insects. You can use old coffee grounds in your garden to keep harmful pests like ants and snails at bay, since they get irritated by the smell of caffeine. For indoors, you can put your coffee grounds in small containers around the house, to repel bugs such as mosquitos and flies.

5- The Perfect Natural Dye

Another use of coffee grounds is giving your white t-shirt or jean a new color. All you have to do is wet your coffee grounds, and enjoy your 100% natural and free dye. You can use it to give your simple white t-shirt a more stylish and antique touch, or to deepen your hair color naturally, or even to dye Easter eggs. The possibilities are limitless, so let your creativity do its part on this one!

Final Thoughts

Used coffee grounds are everything but useless, they definitely should not go to waste. From fertilizing your garden, to making your own natural and inexpensive dye, you can make use of these coffee grounds every day instead of just throwing them away!