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About Us

Our Coffee


A smooth, creamy, caramel bean that is ethically sourced through direct trade. Direct trade supports coffee farmers and provides the opportunity to reinvest into their farms.


    Sourced from the Finca Beatriz Farm, this chocolatey Huehuetenango Guatemalan coffee is grown in rich soil at high altitude by Don Felipe and his two sons Carlos and Leonardo.


      This is a toffee flavored Mogiana-based Brazilian bean, perfect for its sought after espresso flavor.


      Farmed at high elevation within the West Andes of Colombia. The varying temperatures during the day and night contributes largely to the unique taste profiles.


      Our Why

      “Big Up” is a Jamaican expression that translates to congratulating and honoring yourself. We want our Big Up Brew family to believe in self-compassion and confidence, which directly impacts our personal lives, relationships, and communities. Big Up Brew was inspired by the owner's mother, who is an immigrant from Portland, Jamaica. Big Up Brew Owner Jermaine Frazer-Phillips says, "My mother always encourages me to chase my dreams with maximum faith and meaning." Jermaine is also inspired by his late great-uncle, Mikey Dread: "Uncle Mikey was a reggae artist who challenged the status quo and revolutionized the sound of reggae music." Mikey Dread's bravery and continued legacy inspires Jermaine's entire family- and provided Jermaine with extra-caffeinated courage to found Big Up Brew.


      The Owner

      Jermaine Frazer-Phillips was born and raised in Connecticut. After graduating from Ohio Wesleyan University, he spent much of his time interviewing and podcasting with local Chicago entrepreneurs and creatives to amplify their voices. Although his time in Chicago was a wonderful experience, it was time to go back to the place where he belongs: New England. He now spends time as a passionate owner of Big Up Brew, music lover, and football trainer. 

      "If I inspire one person, then I've succeeded" - Jermaine Frazer-Phillips